Take Your Waitstaff to The Next Level

Build an engaged, sales-focused, and team-oriented service team with GoodWorker360, the restaurant industry's most effective performance management tool 


Higher average ticket

at restaurants that incentivize high performance and track sales behavior

Improve upsells

in restaurants that monitor ticket composition and offer clear sales directives

Align goals

by providing clear, data-driven performance feedback and rewarding top-notch servers

Effortless Onboarding  

Integrate your POS system

Track and compare server performance

Make informed decisions and improve

86 those POS reports and turn data into action

Your servers have a tremendous impact on revenue and customer satisfaction which is why high performing businesses need ways to objectively measure employee success and incentivize optimal sales behavior.​

GoodWorker360 places the tools you need to maximize that impact at your fingertips.


Select which metrics matter to you

Focused on improving upselling? Want to sell more desserts? GoodWorker360 is completely customizable and designed to help you make sure your employees are focused on the right things.

How it works

Take action with built-in tools

GoodWorker360 makes all of the data we provide actionable with fully customizable tools like Competitions, Key Insights, and Mentor Matching. All of which are designed to keep staff engaged, motivated, and goal-oriented.

Track individual and team performance

Analyze and compare sales behavior for all the servers in your restaurant. Improve employee satisfaction by knowing who should be rewarded for great performance and how to help struggling servers.

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