Employee Management Software for Restaurants

Track Employee Performance

 With GoodWorker360, evaluating employees, improving server performance, and achieving optimal retention rates has never been easier. 

Raise the bar.

Peak Server Performance

  • Improve revenue
  • More repeat customers
  • Better reviews
  • Increase upsells

Optimal Retention Rates

  • Keep your top performers
  • Stop struggling to find replacements
  • Minimize the need for expensive and time-intensive server training

Evaluate. Motivate. Elevate.

Watch your staff reach their maximum potential with GoodWorker360.

Actionable insights

GoodWorker360 uses point-of-sale data to give you actionable insights on your staffs' performance. Get access to unique tools designed to enable employees to meet and exceed performance standards.

Key performance indicators

Objectively track employee performance. Know who to reward and who to help through leaderboards and scorecards.  

Constant staff development

Get servers invested in developing and using their skills at your restaurant. Servers can visualize their progress in real-time --removing ambiguity about expectations and letting them know exactly how to excel.


Success at your fingertips.

GoodWorker360; easy to use for owners, managers, and servers.
Custom competitions

Keep work engaging and fun. Challenge staff to see who can sell the most wine or best promote the night's special. Create monthly performance leaderboards with a prize for the winner.

Mentor matching

Pair underperforming servers with others that excel based on specific skills that need improving.

Weekly email report and analysis

Work smarter, not harder. We send a customized and digestible breakdown of overall and individual server performance straight to your inbox.


 Turn Data Into Action 

It’s 2019 and we measure everything. High performing businesses know that creating objective ways to measure employee success increases performance, efficiency, revenue, and promotes a better work culture.


GoodWorker360 partners with restaurants and hospitality companies to measure and improve employee performance. 

Take your waitstaff to the next level